• 2023

    French Campings.com acquires Dutch holiday specialist BungalowSpecials.

  • 2020

    April | BungalowSpecials celebrates its 15th anniversary!

  • 2019

    We achieved our highest generated gross revenue ever during 1 year and broke the EUR 90.000.000 milestone on a yearly basis.

  • 2018

    HotelSpecials ranked 8th in the Top 12 hotel booking revenue makers in Germany.

    February | HotelSpecials got 3rd place in the top 10 travel brands, as ranked by Google.

    April | We outgrew our old office and moved to a new home in Haarlem.

    July | HotelSpecials got a new website layout.

  • 2017

    March | HotelSpecials celebrates its 15 year anniversary!

    June | BookerZzz started working with OKRs.

    November | HotelSpecials won a Dutch Search Award in the category ‘Best Search in Travel/Leisure’.

  • 2016

    January | FeriendorfSpecials.at is launched.

    March | HotelSpecials.at is launched.

    April | We introduce WhatsApp as a customer service channel.

    June | Thijs Vieleers becomes COO of BookerZzz B.V.

  • 2015

    March | HotelSpecials.de wins Cross Border E-Commerce Award 2015.

    April | BungalowSpecials celebrates its 10 year anniversary!

    June | HolidayParkSpecials.co.uk is launched.

  • 2014

    March | HotelSpecials.de is launched.

    June | HotelSpecials reaches a new record of bookings in one day.

    July | Jitse Groen, founder of Takeaway.com and Thuisbezorgd.nl, joins the HotelBookers Advisory Board.

    September | Consumer reviewing earns BungalowSpecials a high score of 8 for service and usability.

    October | The 200,000th guest found their perfect holiday park through BungalowSpecials.

  • 2013

    January | HotelSpecials.dk and HotelSpecials.no are launched. This adds Danish, Swedish and Norwegian hotels to the list of accommodations for travellers.

    BungalowSpecials.nl launches a new, easy to use website with an optimised booking process.

    August | BungalowSpecials.be is launched. Flemish bookers now profit from the wide range of deals offered by BungalowSpecials.

    October | BungalowSpecials launches FerienparkSpecials.de. German bookers are now able to book holiday park accomodations.

  • 2012

    March | HotelSpecials.nl celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

    April | HotelSpecials.nl cooperates with Air Miles. Consumers can choose over 250 selected hotels in the Benelux and Germany, with a 50% Air Miles discount.

    July | HotelSpecials.nl advertorials are featured on various radiostations, such as 100% NL, Sky Radio and Q-Music.

    HotelSpecials.nl advertorials are featured on various tv channels, such as RTL, SBS and Net5. ‘Piets weerbericht’ and ‘De klok’ are sponsored by HotelSpecials.nl.

  • 2011

    February | HotelSpecials.nl AND BungalowSpecials.nl are nominated for the Zoover Awards 2011.

    HotelSpecials.nl is featured in the Finest 50 E-commerce 2011. This yearly edition shows the 50 best companies in the e-commerce branch.

    March | Reviews show that 94% of bookers on BungalowSpecials.nl are very satisfied with the prices on the website.

    June | HotelSpecials.nl is featured on billboards in the Netherlands and launches the first Swedish hotel offer.

    August | Over 8 weeks, HotelSpecials.nl sponsors the popular tv-show ‘Ik hou van Holland’.

    HotelSpecials.nl is renewed. The new site is characterised by good offers, advantages, easy booking, pleasure and inspiration.

    HotelSpecials.nl sponsors ‘De Klok’ for RTL4 News.

    September | BungalowSpecials is nominated for the Deloitte Technology Fast50 2011.

  • 2010

    HotelWeek is launched in Sweden.

    BungalowSpecials.nl is renewed, offering an even better booking process.

    June | HotelSpecials.nl launches a new gift card: HotelCadeau. This gift card, value between € 5,- and € 150,-, can be spent in all hotels on HotelSpecials.nl.

    HotelSpecials’ weblog is nominated for Best Travelblog in the 2010 Travvies Awards.

    August | HotelSpecials.nl is funding the flood victims in Pakistan through Giro 555. 75 Applications were made on social media, collecting € 155, 55.

    November | BungalowSpecials ranks 29th in the 2010 Deloitte Technology Fast50.

    December | HotelSpecials.nl and NH Hotels collect € 1610,- for 3FM Serious Request. Between December 18 to 24, consumers were able to participate in the Serious Request funding by booking a NH Hotel. Of each booking, 10,- is donated to Serious Request.

  • 2009

    HotelWeek is launched in Belgium.

    February | HotelSpecials.nl reaches a turnover record of 50 million euros, an increase of 35% compared to the previous year!

    BungalowSpecials launches its weblog, featuring weekly articles with the best travel tips, destinations and holiday suggestions.

    October | HotelBooker B.V. ranks 37th in the Deloitte Technology Fast50. This yearly election nominates the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands.

    December | Foundation Face This teams up with HotelWeek. HotelWeek supports Face This by purchasing t-shirts, donating the profits to charity. Face This collects more money for education in developing countries.

  • 2008

    HotelSpecials.nl introduces the first HotelWeek.

    HotelSpecials launches its weblog, featuring weekly blogs about nice trips, destinations and hotels.

    HotelSpecials.nl is nominated in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 and reaches 5th place.

  • 2007

    HotelSpecials.nl ranks 18th in the 50 Best Webshops in the Netherlands.

  • 2006

    December | HotelSpecials.nl is featured in the Finest 50, as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands.

  • 2005

    Two big launches with BungalowSpecials.nl & HotelSpecials.se.

  • 2004

    HotelSpecials.be is launched, entering the Belgian market.

  • 2002

    HotelSpecials.nl is launched.

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