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The Product & Development Department is made up of data-crazy people who love their work and get energized when having to solve the different puzzles they face on a daily basis. Coming up with creative and simple solutions to complex problems is what our brains were made for! Not only are we passionate about writing clean and beautiful code, but also about the people who use our products. Together we are creating a future-proof platform through continuous innovation, where fun and beating the competition is never far from our minds.

Does this sound like you? We are sure you can make a difference and have an impact on all products.

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  • Medior Golang Developer

    Product & Development
    NL – Haarlem (HQ)
Rob of Product & Development

"Due to the nature of the industry, we have to make software that’s processing the data in real time. If a hotel updates a price, there’s the expectation that the price will be shown on the website within a matter of minutes. We’re writing programmes that need to have a fast interaction.”

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